Location Everywhere.

The next global location system will be built from 5G, not satellites. By offering secure, accurate location everywhere, Polte technology unlocks universal location for a 5G hyper-connected world.

Drive Greater Insights.

Polte answers the limitations of fragmented, traditional location technologies for existing use cases and drives a new era of insights, from Massive IoT to Critical IoT globally.

Step Aside, GPS.

By enabling real-time visibility indoors and outdoors, Polte both displaces the need for GPS for wide area Massive IoT asset tracking and creates a new set of use cases leveraging 5G private networks for enterprises.

Location Democratized.

Polte’s edge-to-cloud architecture empowers app providers and end users with a new standard of privacy and security control.​ We’re enhancing user experiences and democratizing location by giving the power of data back where it should be: the hands of the people.

Real-Time Location Intelligence:

For Assurance Throughout the Cold Chain.

5G Massive IoT cold chain

Real-Time Location Intelligence:

For Precision on the Factory Floor.

Polte Home Image IIoT

Real-Time Location Intelligence:

For Recovering the Most Irreplaceable Assets.

Polte Home Image Dog Tracking

Real-Time Location Intelligence:

For Critical Missions.

Polte Home Image Critical Asset Tracking

Real-Time Location Intelligence:

For Everything inside a Warehouse.

Polte Home Image Warehouse Tracking

Real-Time Location Intelligence:

For Filling the Gaps in a Package’s Journey.

Polte Home Image Supply Chain

Real-Time Location Intelligence:

For Rapid Tool Redeployment.

Polte Home Image Leased Equipment Tracking
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Polte delivers the best cellular location possible for 4G/5G Massive IoT devices, with the revolutionary ability to both enhance existing solutions and break into a new category of use cases by unlocking real-time, universal asset visibility. Dive right in by getting started with Polte SuperRes or giving Polte CoreRes a try below.

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Being able to get position without GPS solves a lot of problems with urban canyon. It fills in that gap that we’ve been looking to fill for our customers that have been having issues with getting positioned accurately and cost effectively.

Polte’s breakthrough location technologies, coupled with Fleetilla’s nearly two decades expertise in design and deployment of long-life, wide area outdoor location solutions, will allow us to now offer seamless end-to-end supply chain and equipment visibility – indoors and outdoors.

Polte’s technology allows a significant cost-per-device savings, a power consumption savings of 70 percent–up to 90 percent for indoor locations–along with indoor accuracy superior to GNSS devices. With Polte technology integrated, we add real and measurable value to our Monarch platform.

In all observed cases, and even before we optimize anything, Polte performs far better than Cell-ID.

Manufacturers are offering hybrid devices that are running Polte as part of the cellular stack with cloud location, but they also offer Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. However, those are actually secondary technologies because they’re not universal. The most important thing is the asset context and its lifecycle, and that always comes down to universal first.

Keith Day Principal Consultant, GTM Strategy.tech

Rather than collecting GPS continuously once a minute and consuming a significant portion of the battery life, devices using Polte can just use a piece of the cellular radio to position, thus extending the device’s runtime.

Taking advantage of Polte not only allows us to unlock precise location and indoor visibility where GPS falls short, but reinforces our value promise: providing long battery life trackers that are compact, easy to use and require no installation.

See what real, real-time location looks like.