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July 7, 2020
The Polte Blog
Hello world.

Hello world – welcome to The Polte Blog. We’re glad you’re here.

We know the amount of content you’re inundated with every day is near disconcerting, especially when it seems to regurgitate the same information previously covered front to back in countless other resources. That the arena of fluffy IoT “thought leaders,” “rockstars” and “gurus” you’re told you need to listen to is getting as crowded as their hashtags on Twitter.

We’re not that.

Polte is a team of those determined to give it to you straight – whether that benefits us or not. Yes, our ultimate goal is to become the next new global location standard, but we realize only zoning in on that blog to blog would not be as intriguing to you, dear reader.

Maybe you represent an IoT team within an enterprise. Or, a systems integrator. You could be a chipset partner, or even just an ally who is interested in the concept of creating the future.

We’re going to put a spin on the way IoT is talked about. We believe that the advantages of mobile (cellular) connectivity for IoT is groundbreaking, and it’s frankly not getting enough air time. We’re constantly witnessing new ways these technologies are deployed to power our lives, and we don’t think that should slip under the radar. We really believe that being able to harness the ever-evolving cellular climate (5G anyone?) is what’s going to push our collective community from the Joneses to the Jetsons. From smart things to smart everything.

And why should you listen to us? We have hundreds of years of combined experience in radio, wireless, power, telecommunications, engineering and cloud technology. As you can see on our Leadership page, our team has worked with 4G LTE and voice-over-LTE, radar systems used on battlefields, and life-saving E-911 technology. Polte CEO Ed Chao – pictured above – has even done work in the White House.

In The Polte Blog, we’ll cover a variety of topics related to Mobile IoT.

Our #1 mission with The Polte Blog is to entertain, engage and inform on topics as they relate to the Mobile IoT revolution. But, we’re going to always be in a state of improvement, and we want to hear from you along the way. We invite dialogue, debate and questions, and would love to see your feedback made as comments on our blogs.

If there are ideas that you feel should be investigated by our team that haven’t yet been touched on, please email your topic at anytime. Likewise, if you’d like to add to the blog as a guest or partner yourself, feel free to email the same address.

With that, we’re off to the races.

Happy reading!

-Christina Gaines, Director of Marketing at Polte

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