Tech or Treat: 5 Ways IoT Can Futurize Spooky Season

October 30, 2020
Halloween IoT

The holiday might look a little different this year, but we haven’t lost our spooky spirit. Whether you’re just here for the “boo-s” or looking to trick or “treat yourself”, the power of Halloween IoT can help everyone have a “gourd” time.

See how IoT is thrusting Hallow’s Eve into the future, while still “creepin’” it real.

  1. Connected candy bags: The tiny ghosts and goblins of the future are about to have it made. A la IBM, smart trick or treat accessories could use IoT sensors to measure the weight of each candy drop, and share that information, along with the address, with those conspiring in said ultimate Halloween heist. You can subsequently share the message with your buds which houses are worth a stop and which they’re better off passing on. Optimize the efficiency of your sweets hoarding, one IoT integration at a time.
  2. Smart doorbell: There are a bunch of fun ways to Haloween-ize your smart doorbell – play an Addam’s family theme song instead of a boring ding dong. Or perhaps, emit the cackling of long lost souls upon each ting. Equally as useful, leverage your smart doorbell’s camera to separate the treats from the tricks – you’d be remiss not to.
  3. Spooky Alexa tricks: Have you ever tried hiding Alexa outside? Now’s your chance. Use your Echo speakers to “Drop in” on visitors and startle them with comments on their choice of costume (or candy). Or, tell Alexa to simply “ask Spooky Scream to start in 5 minutes.” Crank that volume up while you wait for your next unsuspecting victim – or, if you’re looking for something a bit more mild, use her to tell you a “spooky story” or tell some hauntingly horrid jokes instead.
  4. Smart lights: Smart lights are fun year round, but even more so when you can trigger their helpful mood setting capabilities upon a trick or treater’s arrival. Turn your doorstep a ghastly shade of ghoul’s green and pair with fog machines, or break out those eerie bright pulsing smart lights to really put the visitor in a “killer” state of mind. Or, just completely go nuts and put on a light show to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” like this frightening Californian display. All ideas welcome.
  5. AI candy dispensers: Especially helpful this year, Internet connected candy dispensers like Cognitive Candy (hailing from this writer’s location of Austin, Texas) can deliver the goods on your behalf. In Cognitive Candy’s case, you need to chat “Candy” up to the point where she feels positive enough about your presence to reward you with a cavity-inducing surprise. Kick your feet up inside while “Candy” does the work for you.

Will you be using any of this Halloween IoT inspo this year? Let us know in the comments.

We “witch” you a happy Halloween! (You are now safe from terrible Halloween puns.)

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