The Top 10 IoT Influencers (That Still Actually Tweet About IoT)

August 20, 2020
IoT influencers

These days, there’s plenty to talk about. 

Despite the tumult Year 2020 has presented us, the evolution of IoT is still tumbling forward underfoot. It’s crucial that we continue to keep an eye on and discuss it – as watchdogs, as champions of pressing forward what the world is capable of, and above all, as artisans of the tools we’ve been gifted to offer aid in a crisis such as the one we’re in now.

We’ve pulled together a list of IoT “influencers” (“heroes”?) that we find to be especially inspiring, for far more than their intriguing Twitter fodder. Here they are, ranked by most to least followership.

  1. Tamara McCleary (@TamaraMcCleary): This writer is certainly not biased by any means, but we love when we can augment the representation of women in what may appear as a male-dominated industry. Thulium CEO Tamara McCleary is one of the top women in tech, taking the #1 spot for followership, reach, and highly frequent IoT and AI based content.
  2. Glen Gilmore (@GlenGilmore): Glen Gilmore is a Forbes “Top 20 Social Media Influencer” and speaker, considered a top figure in Digital Transformation, Emerging Tech and Travel. Glen comes in just under Tamara’s followership, with additional roles as a lawyer, author, and Rutgers U adjunct under his belt.
  3. Kirk Borne (@KirkDBorne): Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, Kirk Borne is a global speaker and top big data, data science and AI influencer. However, he ranks as an IoT influencer in our book due to his coverage of innovation in that space as well. 
  4. Ronald van Loon (@Ronald_vanLoon): Principal Analyst and CEO at Intelligent World, Ronald van Loon is a prolific data, AI and IoT influencer.
  5. Sandy Carter (@sandy_carter): Sandy Carter is the charismatic VP of AWS, an entrepreneur, and a best selling author.
  6. Stacey Higginbotham (@gigastacey): Founder of Stacey on IoT, Stacey Higginbotham, is a well-known podcast host, blogger and IoT influencer. Check out for her latest.
  7. Lucian Fogoros (@fogoros): Lucian Fogoros is  a co-founder of IIoT World, the first digital media outlet focused on IIoT. If you attended IoT World this month, you may recognize him as a moderator on the “Utilizing supply chain 4.0 to streamline and revitalize the manufacturing process” panel. Lucian provides a regular stream of content connecting followers to the latest IIoT World events and articles, mixed in with news, infographics, blogs etc. from external sources.
  8. Tom Raftery (@TomRaftery): Aside from providing us plebians the key to unlocking immaculate Zoom camera quality, Tom Raftery, Global VP, Futurist and Innovation Evangelist at SAP, maintains both a regular podcast (The Digital Supply Chain Podcast) and a healthy social media presence. Tom’s feed primarily covers the digital transformation of the global supply chain, while touching on critical issues like the climate crisis. Psst – our CEO Ed Chao was also a guest on Tom’s podcast recently, here.
  9. Maribel Lopez (@MaribelLopez): Maribel Lopez is a speaker, author, technology analyst and business advisor focused on mobile, IoT, ML and AI. Visit Maribel’s feed to explore the best ways to make the most of your data.
  10. Carolina Rudinschi, PhD (@CRudinschi): IIoT World is represented again on this list by co-founder Carolina Rudinschi, who mirrors the quality and consistency of her publication in her Twitter feed. Look to Carolina for the latest infographics, blogs, suggested webinars – from IIoT World and elsewhere.

Who did we miss? Given this list wasn’t easy to make, we’re sure there are more out there – let us know in the comments who else earns a top spot.

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