The Top 10 5G Influencers You Should Definitely Be Following

February 25, 2021
Top 10 5G Influencers
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A new era of cellular speed is on the horizon – you can almost smell it the air. Poised and ready, the world eagerly awaits the arrival of 5G, which promises a new set of capabilities that bring us ever forward into our hyper-connected future. As you would expect, 5G has been the source of hot gossip in the tech community, with influencers and professionals voicing their take on what the next generation network could offer us.

As a follow-up to our previous blog, “The Top 10 IoT Influencers (That Still Actually Tweet About IoT),” we’ve collected together another list – this time on our top 10 5G influencers. We believe these men and women not only enlighten us on the topic but also provide us well-rounded opinions on the latest trends and innovations of the nascent technology.

Here are the “Top 10 5G Influencers,” ranked from most to least followership (on Twitter).

  1. John Legere (@JohnLegere): Famous for his eccentric style and lack of fear in the Twitter battlegrounds, Legere is tech’s biggest showman, as he brings a fresh voice to an industry long dominated by a series of dour, monotone chief executives. As ex-CEO of T-Mobile and dozens of years in the telecoms market, Legere steals the #1 spot for followership.
  2. Michael Dell (@MichaelDell): CEO and founder of Dell Technologies, Dell is no stranger to seeking out new and exciting technological trends with great potential. Dell covers topics all across the IT world, from 5G and big data to AI and investing.
  3. Glen Gilmore (@GlenGilmore): As mentioned in our previous list and still stacking high in the rankings, Gilmore is a revered tech influencer. Considered the “man of action” by Time Magazine and one of the top 20 social media influencers by Forbes, and also a mayor, lawyer and author.
  4. Evan Kirstel (@EvanKirstel):  Kirstel is a B2B thought leader, serial marketeer, and voted top 10 technology influencer. Fields of speciality are 5G, Cloud, IoT, AI, Big Data, and more.
  5. Antonio Grasso (@antgrasso): Grasso is a passionate digital entrepreneur, B2B tech influencer, and CEO.
  6. Sarah-Jayne Gratton (@grattongirl): Listed as one of the top five 5G influencers on Twitter, Gratton is a prominent writer, podcaster, and Founding Partner of @TheInfluencers_. Check out for her latest.
  7. Michael Fisher (@theMrMobile): Michael Fisher is a well-respected mobile technology reviewer, best known for his YouTube channel MrMobile. Check out his fun and informative channel.
  8. Mike Quindazzi (@MikeQuindazzi): A business development leader and management consultant at PwC, as well as a keynote speaker on global megatrends, Mike Quindazzi regularly comments and provides insights on a range of tech opportunities.
  9. Diana Adams (@adamsconsulting): Diana Adams is an avid tech journalist and blogger, and is co-founder of Adams Consulting Group, Inc. Her work is focused on 5G and mobile technologies, IoT, machine learning, Big Data, and Cloud computing.
  10. Sally Eave (@sallyeaves): Sally Eaves is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and is an award-winning international keynotes speaker, influencer and author with globally leading rankings across the technology space including 5G, Blockchain and AI, Fintech and many more. She is also a CEO, CTO, Professor in Advanced Technologies and Global Strategic Advisor.

If you’re looking to stay up to date on daily 5G developments with authentic takes mixed in, then we strongly advise you smash that “Follow” button on any of the above accounts. But, like all lists that involve the ranking of talented and experienced folk, this one was difficult to make.

Who did we miss in our “Top 10 5G Influencers”? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @PolteCorp.

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