The Top 8 Digital IoT Publications That You Should Bookmark Right Now

October 15, 2020
Digital IoT Publications

Whether you’re sifting through tech news for quality social media inspo, looking to polish your overall understanding, or want to better impress people with your knowledge of current events, IoT-specific publications actually written by IoT pros are vital. 

In today’s era of uncertainty and with ever more unique ways of connecting, fueling conversations within our space digitally is how we can push forward, across state, country and pandemic lines. 

Here’s our Top 8 digital IoT publications we think you should bookmark right now. (No, any fellow Millennials out there – not the same as that “Top 8” that involved a barbaric ranking of best friendships in Myspace’s heyday.)

  1. IoT For All (@iotforall): Born as the brainchild of Leverege in 2016, IoT For All boasts a fantastic mix of helpful “101” level articles, detailed deep-dives, news and press releases to satisfy a variety of readership. IoT For All’s distinctive writing style is marked by turning what can quickly become dull subject matter into something that’s easily digestible and fun to read. Feel free to check out their podcast as well if you prefer a listen.
  2. IIoT World (@IIoT_World): We’ve featured the co-founders Lucian Fogoros and Carolina Rudinschi of IIoT World previously in our “The Top 10 IoT Influencers (That Still Actually Tweet About IoT)” blog, but their publication in its entirety earns a top spot here as well. Focusing on industrial applications in IoT, IIoT World should be your go-to for articles and virtual events covering smart manufacturing, energy, and smart cities.
  3. Stacey on IoT (@gigastacey): Like IIoT World, Stacey on IoT is more than deserving of a second shout-out in The Polte Blog. Stacey Higginbotham has been covering tech for 18 years, and her site content shows it. Check out her blog or her podcast for IoT news, how-to’s, reviews on consumer tech, and coverage of up-and-coming startups.
  4. IoT World Today (@IoTWorldToday): You may be familiar with IoT World Today as the host of events like this year’s virtual IoT World conference, previously held physically in Santa Clara. However, IoT World Today also makes an extensive digital publication. Read on for ample highlights on security, engineering, architecture, and analytics, or vertical-based insights.
  5. IoT Evolution World (@IoTEvolution): IoT Evolution World content centers around IIoT to smart everything – from cars to home. Their new ebook from Editorial Director Ken Briodagh, Evolving Trends in the Internet of Things may be a good place to dip your toes. Or, lend an ear to the “IoT Time” podcast here.
  6. IoT Business News (@iotbusinessnews): Unique to IoT Business News in our list, this publication features a category devoted to “Remote Monitoring and Tracking.” Given asset tracking is one of the highest growth segments driving the expansion of IoT and is one of our own most passionately addressed topics, we agree in the importance of its consistent coverage. Other categories include fleet management, smart retail, digital healthcare and more, focusing on delivering “the business side of the Internet of Things.”
  7. IoT Now (@IoTNow_): IoT Now offers a wealth of resources beyond articles, including “Quickfire Videos” that showcase bite-sized interviews with IoT thought leaders, “Talking Heads,” reports, white papers and case studies. Our CEO Ed Chao has also been featured here.
  8. IoT Tech News (@IoTTechNews): Part of TechForge Media, IoT Tech News dubs itself as “a practical resource providing news, analysis and opinion on the burgeoning Internet of Things ecosystem, from standardisation, to business use cases, and development opportunities.” Consider starting by exploring their Standards archive here.

Agree with us whole-heartedly? Or, did we miss another key purveyor of juicy IoT content? We’d love to hear who. 

Tell us your favorite digital IoT publications in the comments below.

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