Innovating the New Era of IoT

Polte location technology has completely transformed the IoT market, creating new opportunities for growth and efficiency at organizations across the world.

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Location has remained stagnant for decades with GPS and Wi-Fi as the primary solutions despite inherent limitations. Polte engineers pushed the boundaries of what was possible in location technology, and they continue to innovate every day.

Turning the Possible into Reality

CEO Ed Chao and the Polte team have provided the world with the best cellular location capability. Years of development, testing and engineering have led to the creation of a truly one-of-its-kind technology that is changing what’s possible with IoT.

Breaking Free from Limited Location

In describing what Polte is, it’s almost easier to describe what Polte isn’t. Polte is not GPS. It is not Wi-Fi. It is not Bluetooth, nor Cell-ID. Polte doesn’t require any complex integrations with carrier networks, and requires no additional hardware. Companies can move faster, scale rapidly, and deliver products and services more affordably with Polte technology.

One Step Ahead of What’s Next

Industry 4.0 is a fancy way to talk about the ongoing automation of manufacturing technologies from predictive maintenance to analytics. With 75 patents and patents pending and a robust engineering team, we’re committed to helping businesses increase efficiencies in the advent of this newest industry advancement.

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We’re intrigued to explore leveraging the advantages of Polte’s CAT-M cellular IoT solution to help deliver IoT devices that are cost effective with a long battery life.

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