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RF Engineer

Company: Polte Corporation

Job Location:  Addison, Texas

Job Duties:  

  1. Develop Embedded software for low power IoT Applications, programming in embedded C on proprietary embedded DSP and microcontroller processors for wireless modems and Software Defined Radio (SDR).
  2. Develop novel signal processing algorithms for Location determination based on LTE networks.
  3. Accurately determine company location algorithm using statistical and mathematical modelling techniques.
  4. Research Location algorithm functionality over various Carrier Networks.
  5. Design tools for Firmware and configurations over the air updates; implement complex algorithms on an embedded processor in a low-level programming language.
  6. Develop and maintain tools for data analysis of the Location payloads transmitted from the devices Cat-1, Cat -M, and NB-IOT.
  7. Develop test plans for algorithm performance, studies, and trades using commercial test simulators and test equipment such as Spectrum Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, CMW500, and RF Faders.
  8. Work with multiple engineering disciplines to achieve customer contracted objectives and specific team goals within established time frames and requirements.
  9. In connection with above duties, utilize experience in LTE communication system receiver, transmitter architecture, algorithm design, RF chips, LNA, mixer, amplifier, power detector, test, and performance; cellular concepts including frequency reuse, cell splitting, cell sectoring, frequency management, channel assignment strategies, handoff and architectures of various cellular systems, propagation of RF signals, modulation and demodulation schemes, types of antennae used in mobiles and cell sites, antenna azimuth calculations, and channel fading schemes in mobile communications; network configuration, software installation-configuring TCP/IP, and proxy and firewall settings; installing application software, system software, and tools; troubleshooting, determining root cause, and resolving issues found on hardware, software, test station, and deliverable units; network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, and power meters to measure the battery performance and design test plans; architecture study of current and emerging (next generation) communication standards including GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE, UWB, SG, and NB-IoT cellular systems; frequency reuse, signal-to-interference ratio, capacity, and spectral efficiency; traffic capacity of systems and methods to collect data traffic; network protocols, architectures, and applications; OSI and TCP/IP models, MAC layer protocols, and LAN technologies; and variations in terms of Doppler spectrum, coherence time, power delay profile, and coherence bandwidth.

Requires related degree, experience and skills.

Apply by sending your resume to hr@polte.com.

We are always looking for new talent. If you see yourself flourishing on a team of creative, motivated go-getters, please email us your resume at hr@polte.com.

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Manufacturers are offering hybrid devices that are running Polte as part of the cellular stack with cloud location, but they also offer Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. However, those are actually secondary technologies because they’re not universal. The most important thing is the asset context and its lifecycle, and that always comes down to universal first.

Keith Day Principal Consultant, GTM Strategy.tech

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