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Location for every thing, is everything. Check out our Polte resources to get a better idea of how the world’s next location system ticks.


Asset Tracking Statistics


Increasing the Accuracy in Vehicle Asset Tracking Solutions

How Polte increased PassTime’s locate success rate to 98.3% by incorporating Polte SuperRes, adding visibility where GPS could not draw a location.

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Unlocking Global Operational Resilience with Universal Asset Visibility

Download the ABI Research whitepaper, “Unlocking Global Operational Resilience with Universal Asset Visibility.”

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The Rise of 'Anywhere' IoT Trackers: The Evolution in Healthcare Asset Management

Check out “The Rise of ‘Anywhere’ IoT Trackers: The Evolution in Healthcare Asset Management,” in partnership with CoreKinect.

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#PolteInAction – The Floorbotics Story


GPS loses its eyes indoors, and Wi-Fi makes HIPPA compliance tricky. How can you accurately and securely determine location in medical facilities? Find out why Floorbotics, a Texas-based leader in robotics, handpicks Polte for autonomous tracking of its floor-cleaning Sanibots.



Mobile IoT Location Solved!


See how Polte’s everywhere Mobile IoT location solutions leverage 4G/5G networks and cloud computing to find what matters most to your business – more securely, and less expensively.



Tracking with Polte in Las Vegas


Even in tricky areas like dense urban environments, accurate location shouldn’t be a luxury. Witness Polte in action as we track our founder Russ stepping out around downtown Las Vegas.



Cross Country Tracking with Polte


Watch a package tracked indoors and outdoors leveraging Polte’s Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) technology from Garland, Texas to Orlando, Florida.



Rather than collecting GPS continuously once a minute and consuming a significant portion of the battery life, devices using Polte can just use a piece of the cellular radio to position, thus extending the device’s runtime.

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