FLOORBOTICS Selects Polte C-LoC Location Platform for Autonomous Robotics Tracking

August 6, 2019

Polte’s Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) solution enables tracking of robotic commercial floor cleaners used in many healthcare settings

Dallas – August 06, 2019 – Polte, a leading provider of advanced Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) solutions, announced that FLOORBOTICS, an industry leader in the robotic software and hardware development arena, has selected Polte’s location technology to track its SaniBot® robotic floor cleaners.

To address the worldwide problem of helping prevent contamination from dirty floors in medical and other facilities, FLOORBOTICS has developed a robot that autonomously sanitizes floors using ultraviolet light.

Polte’s C-LoC technology platform enables tracking and location of FLOORBOTICS’ robots that are deployed to clean floors in hospitals, nursing homes, day care facilities and other businesses that require sanitized flooring. Using the cellular network alone to determine location, Polte’s firmware allows the SaniBot unit to report its position to a central database for monitoring, which reduces theft, as well as provide key information from the robot, including its status and floor coverage history.

“Keeping track of our robots as they’re working indoors has been a problem in the past, as medical facilities will not allow connections to their Wi-Fi networks due to HIPPA compliance,” said FLOORBOTICS president Duncan Ashworth. “By deploying Polte-enabled firmware in our SaniBots, we can use the cellular network to track and recover our units.” Ashworth finished by saying, “Polte’s accuracy was far and away better than the next two competitors who returned results of 1.4 km and 3 km. Polte has a 40 times better accuracy rate than its closest competitor.”

Leveraging broadly available mobile networks, Polte provides seamless coverage and avoids the roadblocks that GPS, Wi-Fi, BLE and many other platforms face. Polte continues to solve many of the problems associated with deploying a location solution for indoor as well as outdoor use cases.

“FLOORBOTICS highlights one of the main issues with deploying location solutions in healthcare settings – security.” said Ed Chao, chief executive officer of Polte. “Polte’s solution is secure from chip to cloud, and by using only the cellular network to deliver an accurate location, a FLOORBOTICS unit operates independently from a healthcare facility’s Wi-Fi or other communications network.”

To watch the FLOORBOTICS SaniBot in action, see www.FLOORBOTICS.com.

About Polte Corporation

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Polte is the leader in Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) solutions.  Leveraging 4G & 5G signals, Polte’s cloud-based platform powers Internet of Things (IoT) devices with real-time location determination as they move between indoor and outdoor environments. Polte enables the lowest cost, lowest power, most secure from chip to cloud location available in the market today.


FLOORBOTICS  is a US based company that develops, and licenses robotic
software/ hardware built for the international market. Its robots address the demand for a cost-effective alternative to labor-intensive or hazardous floor cleaning techniques. With a passion to produce only the best, FLOORBOTICS concentrates on innovation with strong, visionary technical expertise. Corporate policy is focused on creating the latest in “cutting edge” set-and-forget robotic cleaners at an affordable price.