Location Enable Your Business

Our Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) technology is transforming the Internet of Things and redefining what’s possible with location insights.

Indoor and Outdoor Location Intelligence

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Everywhere Availability

The Polte IoT Cloud provides seamless indoor and outdoor coverage leveraging cloud computing and existing 4G and 5G cellular networks.  No need to deploy thousands of Bluetooth beacons, hundreds of Wi-Fi access points, or launch more GPS/GNSS satellites – Polte uses global IoT mobile networks, which already reach 99% of the population.

Small Size, Low Cost, Low Power

Polte’s C-LoC technology drastically reduces the size, cost and power requirements of Polte-enabled IoT devices.

Security and Data Privacy

Polte chip to cloud security ensures location information is never calculated or stored on the Polte-enabled IoT devices. GPS/GNSS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have been shown over time to be more susceptible to attacks through spoofing and hacking.

Across-the-Board Simplicity

There are no additional infrastructure requirements or complex integrations into carrier networks to deploy the Polte IoT Cloud. A simple, software-only solution enables rapid, scalable and flexible deployment options.

Polte’s breakthrough location technologies, coupled with Fleetilla’s nearly two decades expertise in design and deployment of long-life, wide area outdoor location solutions, will allow us to now offer seamless end-to-end supply chain and equipment visibility – indoors and outdoors.

Discover the most efficient IoT location solution.