The New Age of Location.

The secret sauce behind our Polte Location API? Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC). Polte’s unique, patented technology provides the best quality location for any device connected to 4G or 5G cellular anywhere, from Massive to Critical IoT. 

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One Technology, Indoor and Outdoor Global 5G Location Intelligence

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The Most Accurate Cellular Location, 4G to 5G

Polte’s patented super resolution technology has been proven as the most accurate and reliable positioning method, offering industry leading performance improvement for all types of location (TOA, AOA, RTT), all devices (5G, CBRS, Cat-1, Cat-M, NB-IoT), and on all 4G and 5G networks. We’ve outperformed all other 4G location solutions in multiple global carrier trials, and landed wide acceptance with multiple chipset, module and device design wins. Polte’s decades of know-how is key to the ecosystem’s ability to enable 4G and 5G location, including z-axis using 5G. Ultimately, Polte is 5G positioning.

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Enables Cellular Continuity

Polte is the only solution that can truly provide end to end, universal asset visibility. Unlike competing technologies such as BLE, Wi-Fi, RFID, etc. the utility of Polte location does not stop once an asset leaves the premises. Polte provides the continuity to seamlessly track an asset with ultra-high precision where it is needed most on the warehouse or factory floor. Unlike beacon-based indoor tracking technologies, Polte also allows you uninterrupted visibility over the wide area network as it leaves the building and is transported to its next destination.

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Simple Integration

Polte’s “Powered by Polte” program quickly enables you to harness the best cellular location on the market for your products and solutions.  From IoT chipsets to small cells and 5G New Radios, solutions providers can turn any cellular product into one “Powered by Polte” through use of the Polte Location API, forgoing the need for additional infrastructure requirements or complex integrations into carrier networks. Polte is making the entire 5G ecosystem Powered by Polte with a simple, software-only solution that enables rapid, scalable and flexible deployment options.

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Globally Available

There’s no need to deploy thousands of Bluetooth beacons, hundreds of Wi-Fi access points, launch more GPS/GNSS satellites, or settle for low accuracy Cell-ID. Polte can position cellular connected devices anywhere in the world, on any NB-IoT, Cat-M, LTE or 5G network, in a variety of wide and local area environments. C-LoC provides indoor and outdoor coverage simply leveraging computing and existing, global cellular infrastructure 100% over the top of carriers. Polte-powered 5G Precise Positioning further unlocks significantly enhanced indoor accuracy and private networks for a variety of customers across campuses, warehouses and manufacturing zones, while also expanding the use of our core location technology into the smartphone universe and transforming user experiences globally. In fact, location is absolutely fundamental for 5G.

IoT location security

Highest Security Control

Polte’s edge-to-cloud architecture empowers app providers and end users with a new standard of security control, effectively democratizing location.​ Private location information is not calculated on cellular connected devices like smartphones or IoT asset trackers themselves, instead offloading the computational complexity to the public or private edge cloud. We’re enhancing user experiences and protecting sensitive details by giving the power of data back where it should be: the hands of the people. Comparatively, competitive technologies like GPS/GNSS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have been shown over time to be more susceptible to attacks through spoofing and hacking.

IoT location size, cost, and power savings

Power Efficiency for Massive IoT

Polte eliminates the need for additional antennas, chips and power usage by turning a single cellular chipset into a replacement for competing technologies like GPS, Wi-Fi and BLE. Processing is removed from the sensor and lifted to the cloud, where our location computations produce a position for the cellular connected device. Thus, Polte’s C-LoC technology drastically reduces the size, cost and power requirements for tracked devices, while providing both indoor and outdoor high accuracy positioning. This lengthens asset tracker battery life, for example, from days to years in Massive IoT use cases ranging from logistics, transportation, manufacturing, to energy. View our Resources page to see Polte in action.

So, Why Should You Work with Polte?


Location is a fundamental requirement for any 5G network and IoT deployment. Implementing a 5G network without offering or enabling location immediately limits the value and functionality of your customer proposition. Polte accelerates your capability to harness 5G location as a differentiator throughout the ecosystem, while delivering universal location for a 5G hyper-connected world. We take care of the R&D – and have the portfolio of 100+ global patents to back it up.

Polte has been validated as offering the most accurate, power efficient and secure cellular location by global carriers, telco vendors and solution providers in 4G and IoT. We are helping to optimize any industry with things that move, yielding powerful location insights for enterprises and consumers alike. We’re delivering you faster ROI by augmenting a suite of existing use cases, while fundamentally unlocking the capability of infinite others.

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Polte’s breakthrough location technologies, coupled with Fleetilla’s nearly two decades expertise in design and deployment of long-life, wide area outdoor location solutions, will allow us to now offer seamless end-to-end supply chain and equipment visibility – indoors and outdoors.

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