Location Without Limits

Use location-as-a-service insights to help your business increase efficiencies, improve customer experiences, and be prepared for what’s next in digital transformation.

Disruptive Competitive


Location Coverage

Outdoors (suburban / rural) Indoors (urban / suburban) Indoors Outdoors, Indoors (urban / suburban / rural)


Satellite sync
Long time to first fix
Constant AP scanning Constant Beacon Interaction Wake on demand location queries extends battery life


Radio, antenna, more battery Radio, antenna, more battery, cloud Radio, beacons, more battery Software-only, cloud

Security & Privacy

Easily spoofed Easily hacked Easily Hacked Secure from chip to cloud

Polte is a foundational element that enables us to offer exceptional location services in our small, low-cost line of Mobile IoT modules.

Track more with the Polte IoT Cloud.