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This isn’t GPS. This isn’t Wi-Fi, BLE or Cell-ID. This is C-LoC. Here’s how we’re able to deliver businesses visibility indoors, outdoors, and across geographies. 

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How It Works



Polte’s patented Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) technology enables Polte to deliver the Polte Location API, which can be leveraged to drive accessibility for businesses wanting to track greater quantities of a wider range of assets.

All Mobile IoT devices leveraging the Polte Location API for asset tracking are what we refer to as Powered by Polte. In order to receive the highest accuracy, customers may specifically use Powered by Polte devices with Polte-enabled LTE-M chipsets provided by our ecosystem partners. This level of performance provided, with Polte built into the lowest layer of the device, is called Polte “SuperRes.”

Following Polte IoT Cloud (PIC) account creation and setup with assistance from our support team, the user will attach the Powered by Polte “SuperRes” device(s) to the appropriate assets.

1. No additional infrastructure needed. Each device detects all LTE/4G and 5G signals in the surrounding area from up to twenty towers – even if it is indoors, inside a vehicle, or enclosed in a package

2. The device then compresses and sends a small data packet to the PIC, offloading complexity to the cloud rather than taking a hit on battery drain.

3. The PIC calculates location using patented super resolution-based algorithms in real time, within what we call the Polte Location Engine (LE). With more than a decade of working through perfecting our algorithms and mitigating multi-path issues, this aspect is the core of what we do. 

4. The user is then able to access their asset’s location, management controls, notifications and more either through the PIC, or easily integrated with another third party interface.

Because location isn’t calculated on the Powered by Polte device itself, it is left less susceptible to common device-based attacks than those relying on GPS or Wi-Fi. Using a unique “edge to cloud” architecture, the Polte Location API enables both the most secure and accurate cellular location possible. 

Check out our chart here to learn more about the capabilities of Mobile IoT compared to those of GPS, Wi-Fi or BLE. Learn why Polte was selected as a 2019 Mobile Breakthrough winner for IoT Platform of the Year.

Polte’s breakthrough location technologies, coupled with Fleetilla’s nearly two decades expertise in design and deployment of long-life, wide area outdoor location solutions, will allow us to now offer seamless end-to-end supply chain and equipment visibility – indoors and outdoors.

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