Putting the Massive in 5G Massive IoT.

The Polte Location API, leveraging ubiquitous cellular infrastructure, better prepares businesses for what’s next in digital transformation.

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Our Disruptive Competitive Advantage


Mobile IoT vs. GPS Polte

Location Coverage

Outdoors (suburban/rural) Indoors (urban/suburban) Indoors Outdoors, Indoors (urban/suburban/rural)


Satellite sync;
Long time to first fix
Constant AP scanning Constant beacon interaction Wake on-demand location queries extends battery life


Radio, antenna, more battery Radio, antenna, more battery, cloud Radio, beacons, more battery Software-only, cloud

Security & Privacy

Easily spoofed Easily hacked Easily hacked Location not calculated on device itself; Secure from chip to cloud


Polte Location API accuracy is competitive with alternate location technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi indoors. However, the innovation of Polte is the ability to take that coverage and extend it outdoors and across geographies – without GPS/GNSSBy leveraging existing global 4G & 5G cellular networks and cloud computing, there’s no need to build and maintain separate infrastructure. Polte simply deploys over-the-top of existing cellular networks, using a single radio and offloading computational complexity from the device to the cloud. This, in turn, leaves your information more secure than with devices using competing technology that may perform the bulk of calculations on the device itself.

With more security, smaller size, lower cost and longer battery life, Polte democratizes location while addressing the downfalls of competing technologies for all the world’s things.

With the team’s more than a decade of experience perfecting super resolution algorithms and securing global patents, Polte serves Industry 4.0, supply chain visibility and a wide range of other initiatives with greater location insights for far less the investment. 

How does Polte’s technology work? Click here to read more. 

Being able to get position without GPS solves a lot of problems with urban canyon. It fills in that gap that we’ve been looking to fill for our customers that have been having issues with getting positioned accurately and cost effectively.

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