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Many different types of Polte technology partners are using our Location API to streamline the way they do business. Here’s how you can, too.

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Chipset Vendors Polte Partners

Chipset Vendors

Work with Polte’s cutting-edge Location Engineering team to embed Polte’s Location as a Service (LaaS) firmware on your cellular-enabled chipsets and unlock greater value in your IoT offering.

  • No additional hardware needed.
  • Featherweight footprint for API memory and storage.
  • No licensing fees.
  • Over the Air (OTA) software updates.
  • Configuration Over the Air (COTA).
Module/Device Manufacturers Polte Partners

Module/Device Manufacturers

Reach a broader audience and enable new use cases by building your module or device using chipsets enabled with Polte’s Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) technology.

  • Tap into the Polte Location Engineering team’s expertise.
  • Optimize device design for specific functionality.
  • Leverage location built for the IoT, using less power with chip to cloud security.
Mobile Network Operators/Mobile Virtual Network Operators/Mobile Virtual Network Engineers Polte Partners

Mobile Network Operators/Mobile Virtual Network Operators

As a Polte partner, deploy the Polte IoT Cloud to offer fast, secure, and accurate location to your subscribers.

  • Add location intelligence to your value-added service offerings – powered by Polte.
  • Unleash location use cases for enterprises and consumers alike with easy, fast, and secure software from Polte.
  • Bundle IoT connectivity enhanced with the Polte IoT Cloud.
Polte Partners

Systems Integrators

As part of your digital transformation and Industry 4.0 practices, enhance end-to-end logistics, supply chain, asset and inventory management solutions with the Polte IoT Cloud.

  • Extend visibility indoors, outdoors, and across geographies to solve your toughest tracking challenges.
  • Lower tracking costs to locate ever smaller and less expensive things.
  • Empower your customers’ businesses through location intelligence.

FORTUNE 1000 Enterprises

Leverage accurate, cost-effective, power-efficient, and highly-secure location technology to fuel your company’s digital transformation process.

  • Provide location intelligence for end-to-end supply chain transparency.
  • Save millions eliminating shrinkage and optimizing logistics.  
  • Transform customer experiences.


See how we’re helping businesses around the world. Take a look at Polte IoT Use Cases here.

With the explosive demand for smaller and low powered IoT devices, Polte’s technology is a great complement to the integrated GPS and GNSS capabilities of our dual-mode ALT1250 chipset. Location is key in numerous IoT applications, where low power and small form factor are crucial.

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