Join the Ecosystem

Be among the first hardware collaborators in our exclusive Polte SR Partner Program. Here's why:

Technical Validation

Polte SuperRes (SR) is the highest level of location accuracy available for Powered by Polte hardware, which is delivered when chipsets are embedded with Polte’s firmware. Polte SR partners will be among the first to validate their chipsets, modules or devices, and thus be deemed “Powered by Polte.”

  • Polte’s Mobile IoT location experts have established testbeds and environments to confirm whether or not your device is providing quality location results. This allows us to immediately validate your design so you can go to market with the best Powered by Polte hardware possible, as quickly as possible.
  • We will work with you to confirm that your submitted hardware meets Polte standards for security, operation and battery life to uncover and resolve any bugs before game time, and reduce support issues later on.

Growth Opportunities Icon


Polte SR partners will benefit from a variety of new business opportunities and leads across verticals, produced by leveraging Polte’s existing integrations and partnerships. Various channels may include:

  • Eligibility for engagement in Polte proofs of value (POVs).
  • Potential joint listings in AWS Marketplace, AWS Partner Device Catalog or Amazon for Business.
  • Sale through another prearranged third-party marketplace, such as the Teltech Group IoT Marketplace.


Collaborative Environment Icon


Polte SR partners will be able to benefit from increased visibility and amplification through joint marketing opportunities, including:

  • A potential announcement press release or public announcement and accompanying email campaign.
  • The potential addition of partner logo to Polte’s homepage.
  • A partner highlight, blurb, logo and hyperlink in Polte’s upcoming “Polte Partner Ecosystem” web page.
  • Use of co-branded graphics and collateral.
  • Eligibility to be featured as thought leaders in PolteCasts and The Polte Blog.
  • Consideration in Polte sponsored virtual events.

Which Mobile IoT chipsets, modules and devices have been determined Powered by Polte?


  • Sequans Monarch
  • Sony Semiconductor Israel (Altair) ALT1250


  • Sequans GMO1Q
  • Sercomm TPM540


  • CoreKinect
  • Pebblebee
  • Sercomm

What does getting into the Polte SR Partner Program look like?

Getting started is easy. Follow these three steps below to join the Polte SR Partner Program:

  1. Request: Click on and fill out the form drop down to express interest. Click on that link again to remove the drop down from view. Or, if you are already speaking with Polte, notify your appropriate account representative that you would like to become a Polte SR Partner.
  2. Submission: During evaluation, the Polte team will provide a physical address and instructions on what specifically is needed. The partner will ship hardware to Polte at this provided address.
  3. Evaluation: The Polte team will evaluate the provided hardware and associated product documentation, collaborating with the partner as needed for questions and troubleshooting. Once evaluation is complete, Polte team will notify the partner when the specific hardware is considered “Powered by Polte,” sending a digital “Powered by Polte” certificate and other materials to mark completion.

Upon approval, the Polte SR partner will immediately unlock access to the aforementioned business and marketing opportunities, such as a press release to announce their addition to the Powered by Polte Ecosystem. The Polte SR partner will join others, such as those shown on the right, in providing the highest quality, Powered by Polte products on the market.