Location is Fundamental to 5G.

Delivering a 5G network without offering or enabling secure, precise location immediately limits your customers. Here’s how Polte can help you differentiate with “5G Precise Positioning.”

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Polte Innovation Drives Global 5G Success with 5G Precise Positioning

As the leading provider of cellular location, Polte’s knowledge and 100+ global patents and patents pending are key to unlocking the potential of 5G Precise Positioning for enterprises and operators. 5G allows Polte to transform the utility of cellular location, bringing the optimum level of accuracy at the macro network and in 5G private networks. These 5G private networks are dedicated networks run by or on behalf of enterprises that allow dedicated, secure mobile connectivity for all cellular-connected devices. Polte helps enable accessible, enhanced indoor accuracy with 5G for a variety of customers across wide area networks, campuses, warehouses and manufacturing zones – safeguarding data, while avoiding vendor lock-in. For the first time, Polte is leveraging the increasingly powerful trends of 5G, open radio access networks (e.g. Open RAN), and private networks to bring the best location possible to the industry.  

Polte’s 5G cloud location application can be deployed in public clouds, though can also sit behind the firewall in the private network hosted on the secure edge. 5G provides enterprises with ultra-secure communication to all devices and to their own cloud architecture, required for the most advanced of Industrial and Critical IoT applications. With even greater technical enhancement of Polte performance and strikingly lower latency, 5G and Polte emerge as key drivers of precision Industry 4.0 initiatives. Polte will create an era of sub-meter level accuracy indoors with private networks and down to below three meters outdoors, advancing 5G Massive IoT everywhere and breathing life into the concept of 5G Critical IoT. 

Here, we take a look at some of the most significant implications of using Polte in 5environments and how 5G Precise Positioning will drive efficiency, productivity and safety across several common use cases. However, location should be thought of as a system, not a feature – to learn more or inquire about how Polte is working with the ecosystem to enable foundational 5G location intelligence, contact us here. To learn more about the O-RAN Alliance, of which Polte is a member, click here.

5G positioning smart factory

Smarter Smart Factories: Warehouse and Industry 4.0

  • BLE and Wi-Fi come with many shortcomings: BLE beacons require costly maintenance; Wi-Fi poses security risks; Constant beacon interaction or AP scanning drains asset tracker batteries.  
  • Polte in a 5G-enabled factory or warehouse will allow enterprises to track tools and equipment in the facility with sub-meter accuracy more efficiently and cost-effectively. Highly accurate geofencing can raise alerts for items entering or exiting protected zones. 
  • Using cellular as the prime technology rather than a host of others simplifies connectivity, lowers cost and extends battery life of the IoT asset tracker. 
5g positioning logistics

Universal Asset Visibility in Supply Chain and Logistics

  • BLE and Wi-Fi lose sight when an asset leaves a facility. If a product is transported to another warehouse, waypoint distribution, or facility, locating it will be difficult during its journey and through the chain of custody along the way. 
  • The combination of Polte 5G and seamless roaming into a wide area network can provide end to end visibility, starting with sub-meter accuracy on the factory floor. The continuity of the same cellular technology all the way to a destination offers the full picture with simplicity. 
5g positioning airport

Transportation: Ports and Airports

  • Stacked containers in a port can resemble steep canyons where GPS may become unavailable without a line of sight to satellites. Polte can fill in the gaps left by GPS to meet the high precision requirements for automatic vehicles, cranes and other equipment. 
  • An airport can locate ground vehicles, trolleys, moveable and immovable equipment indoors and outdoors seamlessly. The airport saves precious time searching for vital equipment as well as receives valuable insight into traffic patterns of vehicles that can be analyzed to boost ground handling productivity. 
healthcare asset tracking


  • Keeping track of expensive and vital equipment in a hospital or healthcare facility is increasingly important for management as well as the third parties that lease the equipment. 5G in such a facility can enable Polte to provide x, y and z location with high precision. 
  • Setting up geofences between floors, departments or buildings will improve the management of assets and prevent loss or theft and aid front line workers to quickly find equipment and suppliesPharmaceutical containers can also be better managed in ensuring that they are in the correct location, not misplaced or stolen. 
hazardous environment worker safety

5G Critical IoT in Hazardous Environments

  • A Polte-enabled 5G network enables secure, private location for any device on the network. This could be essential in not only tracking equipment, but in 5G Critical IoT use cases, locating workers in hazardous working environments. Wearable 5G devices or tags can help keep workers safe in a facility. 
  • Though RFID tags can locate that a person has entered or exited a room or building, securely and privately producing the precise position of a worker could be the difference between life or death in an emergency. 

Being able to get position without GPS solves a lot of problems with urban canyon. It fills in that gap that we’ve been looking to fill for our customers that have been having issues with getting positioned accurately and cost effectively.

5G + Location = Polte. Let's work together.