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Make better business decisions: Here’s how industries are using Polte to equip improved customer, employee and partner experiences over a lineup of Massive IoT asset tracking use cases. 

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Polte’s Competitive Advantage in Massive IoT

The accuracy of the Polte Location API is competitive with alternate location technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi indoors, while able to take that coverage and extend it outdoors and across geographies – without GPS/GNSSBy leveraging existing global 4G & 5G cellular networks and cloud computing, there’s no need to build and maintain separate infrastructure. Polte simply deploys over-the-top of existing cellular networks, using a single radio and offloading computational complexity from the device to the cloud. This, in turn, leaves your information more secure than with devices using competing technology that may perform the bulk of calculations on the device itself.

By driving Massive IoT devices toward higher security, smaller size, lower cost and longer battery life, Polte democratizes location while addressing the downfalls of competing technologies for all the world’s things.

With the team’s more than a decade of experience perfecting super resolution algorithms and securing global patents, Polte serves Industry 4.0, supply chain visibility and a wide range of other initiatives with greater location insights for far less the investment. Click here to read more about how it works, or take a look at examples of various Massive IoT use cases below.

Asset tracking use cases

Leased Equipment Quickly Re-deployed

  • Real-time IoT location enables owners to keep track of their leased equipment when it’s in the field.
  • Configuration over the air (COTA) updates allow quick changes to devices as the tracked equipment is re-deployed.
  • Existing 4G & 5G networks are used to help you find all the things that matter, where they matter.

Increased Supply Chain Visibility

  • Ultra-small Polte-enabled IoT devices deliver end to end supply chain visibility for assets as they move through the distribution cycle.
  • Trigger-based actions allow immediate response to mitigate issues before they cause supply chain disruption.
  • Tracking assets in real time indoors, outdoors and even on the back of trucks provides on-the-ground intelligence that improves efficiencies all along the supply chain in Polte use cases.
Asset tracking use cases

Wheeled Assets Are Where You Want Them

  • Pallet jacks, dollies and carts are easily tracked so they can be where they are needed when they’re needed.
  • Ruggedized Polte-enabled Mobile IoT trackers can go for years on a wheeled asset without the need to recharge.
  • Geofences enable alarms if an asset goes beyond a predetermined distance from their assigned truck or warehouse.

Keep your Temperature Controlled Assets Safe

  • Seamless indoor to outdoor tracking provides continuous monitoring of perishable product.
  • Tracking cold chain assets using predetermined parameters, such as temperature, humidity and CO2, ensures food quality and saves on waste product.
  • In the event of a recall, distributors can easily track and trace item batch/lot.

Building Smarter Construction Sites

  • Real-time IoT asset tracking saves hundreds of hours in lost productivity as workers do not need to manually search for tools and equipment.
  • Intelligent insights from tracking allow the most frequently used pieces of equipment to be automatically queued for service after a predetermined number of uses.
  • Using existing 4G & 5G networks, equipment can be easily traced without having to install additional hardware – even when it moves indoors to outdoors.
Asset tracking use cases

Smart Pallets Provide End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

  • Track pallets in real time as they move from distribution centers to trucks to retail outlets and everywhere in-between.
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility improves efficiencies all along multi-tier distribution channels.
  • Leveraging existing 4G & 5G cellular networks eliminates the need for additional tracking systems and hardware.
Asset tracking use cases

Seamless Tracking for Auto Manufacturers

  • Real time location of autos wherever they travel from manufacturing through distribution and to the end user.
  • Savings on labor costs when trying to find work in progress vehicles using small, inexpensive, indoor and outdoor Polte-enabled trackers.
  • Locate important machinery and manpower on the manufacturing floor.
Asset tracking use cases

Individual Cases of Adult Beverages Inexpensively Tracked

  • Small trackers with extremely low power can be dropped into a case of adult beverages and tracked as they move through distribution.
  • Provide real-time location together with temperature for quality control.
  • In the event of a recall, individual lots of product can easily be traced.
Asset tracking use cases

Smart Shopping Carts Prevent Theft/Loss

  • Real time tracking enables rapid asset location and recovery in retail store asset tracking use cases.
  • Trigger-based actions can include alarms if a shopping cart travels beyond a specific distance from where they are supposed to be.
  • Polte-enabled chipsets on the smart shopping carts only use power when predetermined parameters are met meaning years long battery life.

In all observed cases, and even before we optimize anything, Polte performs far better than Cell-ID.

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