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What is the Polte IoT Cloud?

Polte offers customers access to the Polte IoT Cloud (PIC),​ which provides a suite of end-to-end solution capabilities for your Powered by Polte Mobile IoT devices. With features ranging from device and account administration to a user interface for asset management and tracking, the Polte Mapping Interface positions your devices – without the cost, battery drain and security concerns brought on by competing technologies.​ From pallets to construction site tools, our location as a service software helps​ you find what’s most important to you and ​ build valuable insights​ ​with ease.

Polte IoT Cloud Feature Descriptions


Account Administration Features


Roles: Assign​ roles to your team as either “Admin” or “User,” allowing “Admins” access to manage and make changes to Powered by Polte devices, users and billing.

Group Creation & Management: Customize​ “Labels”​ for devices, along with unique tracking IDs. Assign these “Labels” to “Groups,”​ and organize the devices whichever way makes the most sense for your business.

Data Management: They’re your devices, so the data associated with them is yours as well.​ We give you the flexibility to manage the data associated with the devices in your account.

Device Configuration and Management


Device Provisioning: Claim, activate and deactivate Powered by Polte devices in your account. We provide transparency for all your devices through a clear dashboard, including “Active/Inactive User Equipment” count, “Monthly Claims” and​ “Monthly Activations.”

Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) FOTA updates are available for select devices,​ allowing you to stay up-to-date on the latest capabilities and firmware releases.

Device Configuration Management: This enables customization of device parameters to support the unique requirements of your use case. Examples of configurable settings include periodicity of location updates and trigger behaviors such as increased location sensor periodicity when an accelerometer detects motion.

Asset Management


By driving down the cost and size of our partners’ trackers, we’re allowing you to managemore, and smaller, assets.​ We’ve built our Polte Mapping Interface around giving you convenient ways to manage this greater number of visible goods.

Fill in the blind spots – manage your business’ things all in one place, from anywhere you go. With the ability to quickly monitor accurate location, receive updates for predefined triggers, and view reporting on the status of your Powered by Polte Mobile IoT devices, increased visibility is in the palm of your hand (or laptop).​

Asset Tracking


Location API: It’s​ the center of what we do. We provide indoor and outdoor location for all of your connected assets with latitude, longitude and confidence levels.​ Get building, street or neighborhood level accuracy depending on factors including your environment and Powered by Polte device capability. 

Polte Mapping Interface: See where your stuff is – and was. View​ location coordinates and real-time updates on your devices, or use the​ Polte Mapping Interface. The Polte Mapping Interface’s track​ and trace functionality determines the time frames of a device’s location with the “History”​ feature. Need location at specific intervals? Configure your reporting to be delivered at your desired frequency.

Polte IoT Cloud

Real-time results are summarized in reports adjustable through filters such as “Label,” “Group,” “Location” and “Time.”​ Location​ “History” will be shown with “Time” and “Address,” allowing for editable date ranges.​

Radial Confidence: Toggle​ the “Radial Confidence” and render the confidence level surrounding each location. A small circle indicates Polte is confident in its location (based on cell towers) and a large circle indicates less confidence.

Geofences & Landmarks: Build​ “Geofences”​ or define “Landmarks”​ around points of interest, and receive alerts straight to your notification inbox when a device enters or exits a specific Geofence.

Reverse Geocoding: Convert latitude and longitude coordinates to readable addresses,​ which you can use to highlight locations within the Polte Mapping Interface.

Notifications and Alerts


Create SMS, email and web notifications based on customized events.​ For example – receive an alert when assets trigger a geofence or battery threshold, or trigger a threshold violation using devices that support sensors.

Integrations & APIs


Developers: Have your own tracking application, or want to use capabilities not available with us yet? Easily integrate the Polte Location API with​ third party platforms and enterprise systems using industry standard interfaces, including REST, Webhooks, MQTT, AWS IoT Core and projected for 2020, LWM2M.​  

Polte IoT Cloud Support


Polte’s support team is ready to provide assistance with setup and guide you on best practices throughout your use, empowering you to get the most from the PIC. For any questions or issues on your existing account, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@polte.com.​ For questions on how to get started with an account, or other inquiries, visit Contact Us.

Existing PIC users can log in now at polte.io.

Polte IoT Cloud



Rather than collecting GPS continuously once a minute and consuming a significant portion of the battery life, devices using Polte can just use a piece of the cellular radio to position, thus extending the device’s runtime.

Explore the most accurate cellular location solution on the market.