The Polte Location API: Location Without Limits.

The Polte Location API brings you the best cellular location anywhere – period.

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What is the Polte Location API?

  1.) Secure. 2.) Accurate. 3.) Global.

It’s simple: the Polte Location API delivers the best cellular location possible for 4G and 5G Massive IoT devices, with the revolutionary ability to both enhance existing solutions and break into a whole category of new use cases with Critical IoT. Polte provides IoT solutions providers and systems integrators highly accurate location indoors and outdoors for cellular-connected devices. The Polte Location API offers the industry best-in-class security, while eliminating additional hardware, radios, or beacon/access point deployments and yielding greater ROI. The Polte Location API can also hybridize with other location techniques should use cases require it. 

How to Leverage the Polte Location API: CoreRes (CR) and SuperRes (SR)

The Polte Location API supports the delivery of location for 4G and 5G devices via a standard, secure REST-based interface. Devices that leverage the  Polte Location API  are considered Powered by Polte,”  however there are two options available depending on device capabilities: Polte CoreRes (CR) and SuperRes (SR). 

Developers: Check out our Polte Developers page to get started with integrating the Polte Location API. 

Devices Supported by the Polte Location API

The Polte Location API supports 4G and 5G IoT cellular profiles, including those based on NB-IoT, eMMC/LTE-M, Cat-1/4+. Polte supports all 4G and, in the future, 5G devices. 

Achieve the Highest Level of Cellular Location Accuracy Possible

SuperRes (SR)delivers the highest level of cellular location accuracy on the market, and is derived when Polte firmware is embedded directly into an IoT device’s cellular chipset. To receive this highest accuracy, customers may use these devices with Powered by Polte SR LTE-M chipsets provided by our ecosystem partners. SR currently supports LTE-M devices, but will evolve to support Cat-1+ devices in 2021-2022. To see all chipset, module, and device partners that have announced products capable of SR, check out our “Powered by Polte Ecosystem” page here.

And If You Don’t Have a Powered by Polte SR Device…

SR is not the only way Polte’s technology can produce indoor and outdoor location.If you need to locate in areas that have not yet been optimized, have existing devices that do not yet have Polte firmware enabled in the chipset, or are operating on Cat-1 or higher networks, Polte CoreRes (CR) is ready for you.  CR supports LTE-M, NB-IoT, and Cat-1+ devices. With Polte CR,  Polte can be leveraged by any Mobile IoT module simply  through the use of standard AT commands and API integration.  Now, anyone can use Polte for rapid speed to ROI in asset tracking. Try CR now here.

Real, Real-Time Global Location

Though Polte SR delivers the highest level of cellular location accuracy available, both Polte CR and Polte SR offer better accuracy than both Cell-ID and Enhanced Cell-ID. Polte CR accuracy offers significantly better accuracy than Cell-ID (often 2-3x better), and it can be used to help Enhanced Cell-ID roam. Carriers around the world are able to Polte CR to improve their own Cell-ID offerings. 

Coming Soon…5G

5G connects everything in tomorrow’s society. Like electricity, everyone from consumers to enterprises will come to expect 5G everywhere. Polte’s cellular location  patents and know-how become  even more integral as the foundation of this rapid expansion, given our vision to become the leading provider of location  for all cellular  devices in this new, hyper-connected world. We will unlock accessible, enhanced indoor accuracy and private networks for a variety of customers across campuses, warehouses and manufacturing zones – safeguarding data, while avoiding foreboding vendor lock-in. With even greater technical enhancement of Polte performance and strikingly lower latency, 5G and Polte emerge as key drivers of precision Industry 4.0 initiatives. From traffic management of autonomous robots to critical asset tracking, the new age of smart factories becomes more than just a pipe dream. 5G expands the use of Polte’s core location technology into the smartphone universe and beyond, transforming user experiences globally. Furthermore, Polte creates an era of sub-meter level accuracy that advances far past the rally cry of “5G Massive IoT” and unlocks the fruition of “5G Critical IoT.” With 5G, the Polte possibilities are only beginning to be realized. 

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Polte’s breakthrough location technologies, coupled with Fleetilla’s nearly two decades expertise in design and deployment of long-life, wide area outdoor location solutions, will allow us to now offer seamless end-to-end supply chain and equipment visibility – indoors and outdoors.

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