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Make better business decisions: Here’s how industries are using the Polte IoT Cloud (PIC) to equip improved customer, employee and partner experiences over a lineup of asset tracking use cases. 

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Asset tracking use cases

Leased Equipment Quickly Re-deployed

  • Real-time location enables owners to keep track of their leased equipment when it’s in the field
  • Configuration over the air (COTA) updates allow quick changes to devices as the tracked equipment is re-deployed
  • Existing 4G & 5G networks are used to help you find all the things that matter, where they matter

Increased Supply Chain Visibility

  • Ultra-small Polte-enabled IoT devices deliver end to end supply chain visibility for assets as they move through the distribution cycle
  • Trigger-based actions allow immediate response to mitigate issues before they cause supply chain disruption
  • Tracking assets in real time indoors, outdoors and even on the back of trucks provides on-the-ground intelligence that improves efficiencies all along the supply chain in Polte use cases
Asset tracking use cases

Wheeled Assets Are Where You Want Them

  • Pallet jacks, dollies and carts are easily tracked so they can be where they are needed when they’re needed
  • Ruggedized Polte-enabled trackers can go for years on a wheeled asset without the need to recharge
  • Geofences enable alarms if an asset goes beyond a predetermined distance from their assigned truck or warehouse

Keep your Temperature Controlled Assets Safe

  • Seamless indoor to outdoor tracking provides continuous monitoring of perishable product
  • Tracking cold chain assets using predetermined parameters, such as temperature, humidity and CO2, ensures food quality and saves on waste product
  • In the event of a recall, distributors can easily track and trace item batch/lot

Building Smarter Construction Sites

  • Real time asset tracking saves hundreds of hours in lost productivity as workers do not need to manually search for tools and equipment
  • Intelligent insights from tracking allow the most frequently used pieces of equipment to be automatically queued for service after a predetermined number of uses
  • Using existing 4G & 5G networks, equipment can be easily traced without having to install additional hardware – even when it moves indoors to outdoors 
Asset tracking use cases

Smart Pallets Provide End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

  • Track pallets in real time as they move from distribution centers to trucks to retail outlets and everywhere in-between
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility improves efficiencies all along multi-tier distribution channels
  • Leveraging existing 4G & 5G cellular networks eliminates the need for additional tracking systems and hardware
Asset tracking use cases

Seamless Tracking for Auto Manufacturers

  • Real time location of autos wherever they travel from manufacturing through distribution and to the end user
  • Savings on labor costs when trying to find work in progress vehicles using small, inexpensive, indoor and outdoor Polte-enabled trackers
  • Locate important machinery and manpower on the manufacturing floor
Asset tracking use cases

Individual Cases of Adult Beverages Inexpensively Tracked

  • Small trackers with extremely low power can be dropped into a case of adult beverages and tracked as they move through distribution
  • Provide real-time location together with temperature for quality control
  • In the event of a recall, individual lots of product can easily be traced
Asset tracking use cases

Smart Shopping Carts Prevent Theft/Loss

  • Real time tracking enables rapid asset location and recovery in retail store asset tracking use cases
  • Trigger-based actions can include alarms if a shopping cart travels beyond a specific distance from where they are supposed to be
  • Polte-enabled chipsets on the smart shopping carts only use power when predetermined parameters are met meaning years long battery life

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