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Many different types of technology partners are using Polte’s API to streamline the way they do business. Here’s how you can, too.

Chipset Vendors Icon

Chipset Vendors

Work with Polte’s cutting-edge Location Engineering team to embed Polte’s location-as-a-service firmware on your cellular-enabled chipsets to add value to your IoT offering.

  • No additional hardware requirement.
  • Featherweight footprint for API memory and storage.
  • No licensing fees.
  • Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) updates.
  • Configuration Over the Air (COTA).
Module/Device Manufacturers Icon

Module/Sensor/Tracker Manufacturers

Reach a broader audience and enable new use cases by building your module or device using chipsets enabled with Polte’s Cloud Location over Cellular technology.

  • Tap into the Polte engineering team’s location expertise.
  • Optimize device design for specific functionality.
  • Leverage location using less power with chip to cloud security for IoT device.
Mobile Network Operators/Mobile Virtual Network Operators/Mobile Virtual Network Engineers Icon

Mobile Network Operators/ Mobile Virtual Network Operators

Deploy the Polte IoT Cloud to offer a fast, secure, and accurate location to your subscribers.

  • Add location intelligence to your value-added service offerings – powered by Polte.
  • Unleash location use cases for enterprises and consumers alike with easy, fast, and secure software from Polte.
  • Bundle IoT connectivity enhanced with the Polte IoT Cloud.

Systems Integrators

As part of your digital transformation and Industry 4.0 practices, enhance end-to-end logistics, supply chain, asset and inventory management solutions with the Polte IoT Cloud.

  • Extend visibility indoors, outdoors, and across geographies to solve your toughest tracking challenges.
  • Lower tracking costs to locate ever smaller and less expensive things.
  • Empower your customers’ businesses through location intelligence.

FORTUNE 1000 Enterprises

Leverage accurate, cost-effective, power-efficient, and highly-secure location technology to fuel your company’s digital transformation process.

  • Provide location intelligence for end-to-end supply chain transparency.
  • Save millions eliminating shrinkage and optimizing logistics.  
  • Improve customer experiences.

We’re intrigued to explore leveraging the advantages of Polte’s CAT-M cellular IoT solution to help deliver IoT devices that are cost effective with a long battery life.

Track more with the Polte IoT Cloud.